Frequently Asked Questions

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Why isn’t Family Weekend held on a home football game-day?

Many factors led to the decision made about 15 years ago to schedule Family Weekend on away or bye game weekends. During game weekends it was becoming increasingly difficult to accommodate parking, lodging and game-day ticket needs for the regular football game population and those coming in for Family Weekend. Also, because game times are determined by the networks and not announced until the week of the game, it was difficult to plan activities and events around campus for families to enjoy. Since the move from home games, Family Weekend’s attendance has consistently grown each year and the focus of the weekend is now on academics and family togetherness.

Our student’s fraternity/sorority is having their own Family Weekend on a separate date. Which one should we attend?

Many fraternities and sororities host “Family Weekends” or “Parents’ Weekends” during football home game weekends. The difference between these weekends and UT’s Family Weekend is that the activities listed on this website are only offered during UT's Family Weekend. Most importantly, both options offer you the opportunity to spend time with your student; neither is the wrong choice. If you must choose between the two, discuss it with your student as to which event he/she would most like you to attend.

I've already attended an event held by my student's college/school during Family Orientation. Do I need to attend their event during Family Weekend?

We encourage you to attend the event hosted by your student's college or school. Family Weekend programming goes beyond what was presented at Family Orientation and will better equip you to support your student. Students aren't required to attend and it's OK to go without yours.

How can we find the location of a certain building/location?

Visit the Family Weekend Welcome Center to pick up a schedule of activities that includes a comprehensive campus map (Friday, 1-7p.m. & Saturday, 8a.m.-2p.m. on the Gregory Gym Plaza). 

What is the best means of transportation to certain events/locations?

Around campus, walking is usually best. Around the city, a car or Capital Metro is suggested. 

Where can we park? Where is the nearest parking garage? How much does it cost?

The nearest garage to the Family Weekend Welcome Center is the Brazos Garage. YClick here and then select "Gregory Gym" to purchase a one-day, two-day, or three-day parking pass for the Brazos Garage during Family Weekend. All other UT garages will be open based on availability at published pricing. Parking for Family Weekend is facilitated by the Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) Office. 

What should I wear? Is there a dress code for any event?

There is no dress code, but we recommend dressing casual and comfortable. Since events are spread out over this large campus, we encourage you to wear comfortable shoes. Austin weather in October can be unpredictable so check the forecast before heading to campus. You can never go wrong wearing a Family Weekend 2019 t-shirt (see below), your "Texas Parents, Texas Proud" t-shirt or your "Longhorn Family" t-shirt. Burnt orange is a great color any time of the year.

Where can we purchase Family Weekend 2019 t-shirts?

The University Co-op is selling 2019 Family Weekend shirts and we will publish the link for the T-shirts in October.

Are there locations nearby where we can get food?

Yes, there are various dining options on campus. The closest places are inside Jester Residence Hall and the William C. Powers Jr. Student Activity Center (WCP), but there are also several options located on "the Drag" (Guadalupe Street) directly west of campus. You can also check with your student's college/school activities as they often provide refreshments and don't forget about the Family Weekend BBQ on Saturday afternoon!

Can we buy tickets to Friday's Welcome Reception and Saturday’s BBQ lunch after registration is closed?

Yes, a limited number of tickets will be available at the door for each event. We accept credit, debit and checks. Sorry, no cash.

We’ve tried to register for a tour and/or activity, but it is sold out. Can I be placed on a waiting list?

With many of the tours and activities, there are only a specific number of spaces available due to the nature of the resource. We do not keep wait lists but encourage you to check out the desired activity the day-of. If spots open up, you can purchase a ticket on site with a debit card, credit card or check. Sorry, no cash. Many of these activities are offered throughout the academic year for you to particiapte in the next time you are in town.

Can we tour the Tower on our own?

Sorry, not during Family Weekend. All reservations will need to be made through the Family Weekend reservation system. You are welcome to go to the Union hospitality desk on Saturday or Sunday to check for cancellations. Also, Tower Tours are available throughout the academic school year if you are interested in trying to take a tour on another visit to campus. 

Can we tour the campus on our own?

Yes, of course!  

Can we attend a specific college/school activity or event, even if our student is not in that college/school?

Sorry, you may only attend the college/school activities in which your student is enrolled.

Can we receive a refund if we purchased a ticket, but do not participate in the activity?

Sorry, we are unable to give refunds. 

What are the smoking restrictions on campus?

Smoking is not permitted on the UT campus. For more information, click here.

Where can we find UT merchandise? 

Head over to the University Co-op, located across “the Drag” (Guadalupe Street) from the Union for a great selection of Longhorn items. The Co-op is a very generous supporter of Texas Parents and Family Weekend, and we encourage you to visit them.  If you are a four-year supporting member, don't forget your membership card to receive your discount!

Where is the nearest ATM?

ATMs can be found in the lobby of Gregory Gym, inside and outside of Jester Residence Hall, and outside of the Perry-Castaneda Library (PCL). There are others scattered across campus that should be easy to spot. 

Where can we find details regarding disability access?  

Please contact the Texas Parents office for assistance at least five business days before the event.