For Transfer Families

Congratulations—your student is now a Longhorn! Whether it has been a longtime dream or a recent decision, your student’s transition to a new campus, community and level of academic rigor will be just that—a transition—and your student will need your support.

While you are already familiar with the role of being the parent of a college student, you are now the parent of a Longhorn. While the fundamentals are the same, UT Austin may operate very differently from your student’s previous institution. You’ll find a great introduction to the University at Family Orientation which will also familiarize you with resources and tools to help you help your student successfully transition to UT.

The University offers many resources for academic support and a close community during the transition year. Explore the resources below and share them with your student to ensure that he or she knows where to find support when needed.

Your student will also make use of the plethora of resources and opportunities available to all Longhorn students. We strongly encourage you to review the resources found on the Resources for All Undergraduate Families page as well as the Campus Safety & Security page. Understanding all that is available to your new Longhorn will better prepare you to help your student throughout his or her entire journey on the Forty Acres.

Resource for Parents/Families of Transfer Students

Transfer Orientation

Students meet virtually with an academic advisor, spend time with other incoming students and register for classes.

Pre-Transfer Orientation Checklist

Students should complete these steps before Transfer Orientation.

Post-Transfer Orientation Checklist

Students should complete these steps after Transfer Orientation.

Transfer-Year Experience Program

A resource for academic transition support.

Transfer-Year Interest Groups

A peer support group that meets for one semester.

Transfer Credit Resources

Resources to determine if courses taken elsewhere are transferable.

Understanding FERPA at UT Austin

Understand how FERPA is interpreted at UT Austin.

Graduation Help Desk

A resource for students to stay on track to graduate on time.

UT Austin Transfer Students Facebook Group

A Facebook group for transfer students to build community at UT.

Transfer Students Agency

An agency of Student Government advocating for transfer students.

Texas Transfer Students Facebook Group

A student organization bringing transfer students together.

Texas Parents Association: Three-year Transfer Membership

A membership to the parents' association designed for transfer families.