Family Orientation

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Welcome to the Longhorn family! 

UT Austin respects the important role our students’ parents/families have played in their journeys to becoming Longhorns and recognizes that there is still exciting work ahead. 

As your student sets out to change the world in the coming undergraduate years through academic and non-academic endeavors, it is important for you to become informed and connected in a way that will reinforce a sense of family support while your Longhorn is at UT and you are back at home, regardless of home’s proximity to campus.

The Texas Parents department has developed multiple tools to help you do just that including a March-August monthly series of eNewsletters called Next Steps, a mailed New Parent Guide and a robust Online Family Orientation program (separate from your student’s orientation program). Each tool builds upon the other to offer content that helps you help your student successfully transition to from high school to the first day of the fall semester.

Whats next: 

Registration for 2021 Online Family Orientation has closed. If you would like to stay in touch with the university and receive monthly eNewsletters to help you help your student you can sign up for the Texas Parents Association here