October 26-28, 2018

Starting planning for Family Weekend 2018 now!

Your Longhorn is a great personal guide to campus. Additionally, a variety of optional activities are offered if you are looking for ways to live the Longhorn life both on and off the Forty Acres.

The schedule is broken down by day, with some activites offered on multiple days. There is a seperate tab for College and School activities. Families are asked to only attend the event(s) of the college/school in which their students are currently enrolled.

Before registering, we recommend taking time to read through the schedule in its entirety and then talk with your student about what he or she wants to do. Students often have other ideas and/or may have time limitations due to studies and campus activities. Please keep in mind that the best part of Family Weekend is spending time with your Longhorn, no matter what you're doing. 

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